Flowmeter calibration

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Flowmeter calibration

Flowmeters  are used to measure the volume of flow of gas or liquid. Flow meters are calibrated periodically to ensure the readings of flow meter fall under acceptable level of accuracy of the flow meter. This is essential in order to determine the accurate flow at any given point of time. At times due to the repeated usage or wear and tear of internal parts, meters tend to show inaccurate readings , due to these reasons, calibration & overhauling of flow meter is recommended to give the most accurate results.
At Atalntic solution , we offer  calibration & overhauling of flow meters both at site/lab.

  • Magnetic flow meters, also known as mag meters
  • Vortex Flow Meter
  • Turbine Flow Meter
  • Ultrasonic Flow Meter
  • Float Flow Meter (Variable area (VA) flow meters, or rotameters)
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Precision Calibration

  • Vernier Caliper
  • Micrometer
  • Dial Gauge
  • Measuring Tape
  • Steel Ruler
  • Bore Gauges
  • Bevel Protractor
  • Bubble Level Gauge
  • Caliper Gauge
  • Coating & Thickness
  • Gauges
  • Caliper Checker
  • Crimping Tools
  • Dial Test Indicator
  • Dial Slider Caliper
  • Dial Indicator
  • Dial Calibrator
  • Digimatic Caliper
  • External Micrometer
  • Exchangeable
  • Micrometer
  • Feeler Gauge
  • Interchangeable Micrometer
  • PI Tape
  • Plastic Ruler
  • Vernier Caliper
  • Vernier Depth
  • Caliper
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What is rotameter?

A rotameter (variable area meter) is a flow meter used to measure the volume flow of liquids and gases. It consists of a conical tube with a float inside. The way a rotameter works is very simple: as the fluid passes through the conical tube, the float rises. When there is no flow, the float stays at the bottom. Rotameter meters are widely used because they are easy to install and maintain and have a fairly wide measurement range, low pressure drop and linear scale.

Magnetic Flow Meter

Magnetic flow meters, also known as mag meters, electromagnetic flow meter are, widely used in a variety of industrial field applications due to their reliable flow rate measurements and features such as low-pressure loss and maintenance-free operation.

Vortex Flow Meter

Vortex flow meters are long-lasting and robust with field-proven sensor technology and high reliability, improving plant efficiency and reducing operating costs. Apure’s digital vortex meters feature a unique sensor design that accurately identifies and eliminates noise, resulting in stable and accurate measurements without any need for startup tuning.

Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Apure ultrasonic flow meter uses the principle of low voltage, multi-pulse time difference, using high-precision and super-stable double balance signal detection transmission, differential reception digital detection technology to measure the acoustic wave transmission time in the direction of downstream and counter-current, according to the time difference to calculate the flow rate. With a very simple installation, no pipe breaking, no water shutdown, so customers can easily achieve flexible pipeline flow measurement. The product can also be equipped with installation fixtures that provide reliable, drift-free measurements over time without routine maintenance. It adopts advanced digital correlation technology and intelligent adaptive acoustic technology, which makes its measurement stability more outstanding. At the same time, it uses acoustic focusing technology, so that the product in the continuous measurement of the signal receiving quality has been significantly enhanced.

Turbine Flow Meter

Apure turbine flow meter is a kind of precision flowmeter, which can be used to measure the flow and total amount of liquid together with the corresponding flowmeter. When used together with the quantitative control instrument developed by our factory, it can carry out high precision quantitative control of liquid feeding. Widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, scientific research and other fields of measurement and control system. Turbine flow sensors equipped with sanitary joints can be used in the pharmaceutical industry.

Repair and installation of flow meter

What if I Need Assistance?

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