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Why Calibration of Measuring Instruments are Needed?

Doing a comparison between a standardised measuring instrument to the working instrument, to check and raise the accuracy levels is the main aim of calibration. The accuracy of the standard should be 10: 1 to the instrument being calibrated. However, even a 3:1 accuracy ratio is accepted by many Organisation. To comply with many quality standards like ISOs, it is imperative to have the periodic calibration of your various instruments. At Atlantic Solution, we provide top-notch quality instrument calibration services, on-site (Client location) or in our in-house well-equipped laboratory ,with unrivalled skill, our calibration experts have succeeded in offering services par excellence to our clients.

All of our calibrations are performed using standards that have an unbroken chain of traceability to N.I.S.T , National or international standards. Our Calibration laboratory is accredited by IS0 17025 .
The laboratory is traceable to National / International standards.

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Our Vision

Dedication to the highest quality of Customer Service delivered with a sense of warmth, friendliness, individual pride, and Company Spirit

Our Mission

To be your single –source service provider with quality , innovation and advance solution.

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Our Clients

What is Calibration?

Instrument calibration services have twofold benefits: We check and ensure that the accuracy of your instrument is as per the manufacturer’s specification, and also provides a way to trace the measurement. When an instrument is out of calibration or manufacture specification our instrument calibration services includes adjustment  to restore its accuracy (Makers manual required). Each instrument calibrated by us is supported by a comprehensive Calibration Certificate and Recordkeeping service .

Why is Instrument Calibration Important?

All instruments undergo wear and tear, which diminishes their accuracy leading to faulty measurements. Apart from the general wear and tear, changes in accuracy can be attributed to several other factors such as electric or mechanical shock. Having instruments to work in a hazardous manufacturing environment, like oil, or metal chips , vibration and  environmental conditions  may also lead to changes in accuracy. Based on the environmental and usage factors, the accuracy of an instrument can change quickly or steadily deteriorate over a period. That is why it is important to have scheduled instrument calibration services to ensure that your measuring instruments are working at the optimum condition to ensure product quality.

When should you get Instrument Calibration Services for your Measuring Devices?

Calibration of your measuring device must be done periodically according to these conditions:

  • As per the recommended timelines of the measuring device manufacturer.
  • After any mechanical or electrical shock or heavy usage duration
  • Periodically according to the quality standards mandate (annually, quarterly or monthly)

What if I Need Assistance?

If you have questions about our service, please email to [email protected]  or call +658299 9254 for any support.

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